A Look at the Opponent’s Newest Smartphone

A Look at the Opponent’s Newest Smartphone

The next smartphone on the market from Oppos, the OnePlus Nord 2, is shaping up to be a ground breaking device for consumers looking for a versatile smartphone with all the functionality of a high-end Android device. With an increased amount of market share for manufacturers such as Oppos, it’s only natural that they’d try to bring their product line to the next level with a device that can’t be called a “top shelf” smartphone. And while the Oppos smartphone market has always boasted a solid range of high-end handsets, it’s always relied upon the mid-range and low-budget options as well. This year, that trend is changing.

At first glance, the OnePlus Nord 2 5g seems like it will bring some changes to the smartphone market this year: faster processors, better cameras, higher memory densities, more robust software, etc. On paper, that all sounds promising. After all, what smartphone wouldn’t want to offer users everything that a high-end device can while making it affordable? However, that all depends upon the user. After all, if you’re used to using smartphones of past generations, what will it take for you to adjust to a new device with an old fashioned keyboard, home button, and screen size? OnePlus Nord 2 5G

The first question that comes to mind is: what about the OxygenOS software? Users have expressed concerns over the years about the software – namely the ability to use it to pirate applications and media content and the poor quality of the response that it provides in cases of crashes and freezes. Fortunately, this issue was not an issue with the OnePlus Nord 2 5g for me. The phone received a factory test update that included the removal of any potential security issues with the software and the review unit was also locked out of the local GSM network for a brief period in order to test it in a real-world environment. The outcome: excellent security levels and a solid performance all around.

Moving on, let’s take a look at one of the features that the OnePlus Nord 2 5g is lacking in comparison to other leading smartphones: fast charging. With smartphones of past generations quickly becoming outdated as the technology that goes into making them becomes cheaper, manufacturers are often left scrambling to produce phones that can still be competitive. One of the ways that manufacturers do this is by including fast charging capabilities in their devices. Not only does the OnePlus Nord 2 have fast charging functionality, it also works with the company’s Quick Charge technology, which allows you to enjoy fast charging times even when you are away from an electrical outlet. This feature may not be popular among power users, but it’s something that I personally appreciate having.

Another feature that the OnePlus Nord 2 lacks compared to the competition is the ability to use Google Now on the home screen, as well as access to Android’s normal default dialer. While these two features may not seem like they’re all that important to most people, they do make managing your contacts and searching for information a lot easier, especially if you are always on the go. I can’t say that the device is perfect, but it definitely falls short of the mark when it comes to these two core functions. If you value having fast charging as well as easy access to your contacts, then the lack of these two functions might not matter to you as much.

In the end, the lack of some key features on the OnePlus Nord 2 5g makes it more “standard” than competitors. The lack of memory for storage space, the lack of speaker slots, and the inability to add your own music player all contribute to the device being more average than some of the high-end smartphones on the market today. But if you’re looking for a smartphone with great battery life, great design, fast charging, access to Google Now, and quality sound, then the OnePlus Nordic 2 is definitely worth checking out. But if you’re looking for a smartphone with everything you could ever need in a smartphone, then you might want to check out the new device from Oxygen lately.

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