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As another phone is released, accessories for that phone are already available on the market. New phones cause a buzz when they are released, and that is why they are targeted by manufacturers to make more compatible accessories. One of the latest phones available is the Pixon by Samsung, and this article will explore some of the Samsung Pixon accessories that are available on the market. Samsung Galaxy S3 USB Drivers

Bluetooth Headset
A Bluetooth headset is one of the most important accessories for many uses these days, and therefore is at the top of the Samsung Pixon accessories list. Headsets are often utilised for driving as they leave both of your hands available for use. Samsung offer their WEP-210 headset that is inexpensive, stylish and lightweight. It is a great headset for the low price range and will partner your Pixon perfectly.

Memory Card
As the new Samsung is predominantly a camera phone, with a massive 8MP camera. An 8GB memory card is definitely one of the most essential Samsung Pixon accessories. An 8GB memory card means you can store a vast amount of high quality photos and music on your device, a huge benefit for a phone like this.

Car Kit
Next on our list of Samsung Pixon accessories is the car kit. For those who are uncomfortable with a Bluetooth headset whilst driving, a car kit might be an option. These come in the most common form as a clip for your sun visor, that way they keep out of the driver’s vision and in close proximity for the benefit of the built in microphone. Jabra offer such solutions as the SP5050 which offers great sound quality and is discreetly designed.

Portable Speakers
As media on phones is becoming more and more common, many handsets have an audio player. Therefore portable speakers are one of the essential Samsung Pixon accessories for music lovers. Samsung offer portable speakers for use with the Pixon and Tocco in the form of ASP600 speakers. These are lightweight and compact and offer excellent sound quality.

Phone Case
Carry cases are usually universal, however you can get phone specific ones and is our last Samsung Pixon accessories recommendation. Many stylish and fashionable ones are available, and there are hundreds, maybe thousands available on the market.

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