Bridal Makeup Tips – Finding Perfect Wedding Lipstick and Big, Beautiful Eyes

Step One: Proper Bridal Lipstick Application

Applying lipstick can be far from easy, especially when redder shades are involved, running the risk of “bleeding”. To avoid this, it is important to line the outer area of the puckers, then colour the lips completely with the liner color before properly applying any lipstick. This provide a handy guideline, helping you keep the lipstick within the proper boundaries. The liner-coloured layer underneath will also help your lips retain colour for much longer, even as the outer lipstick begins to wear off.

A strong red shade can be a great way to distract attention away from eyes, which could be a particularly good idea if you’ve had a sleepless night before the big day!

To make your lips seem more full, simply add a little gloss to their centre. It’s as simple as that. You now have lips that will look gorgeous all throughout your wedding day!

Step Two: The Best Make Up for Bigger, More Beautiful Eyes

Now it’s time to balance out your new-look lips with some amazing bridal eyes. The good news: there is no eye shape or type that isn’t brilliantly suited to the smokey eye look!

It’s well worth investing in lighter colours: brighter, shimmering eyeshadow shades, plus some white eyeliner. This will attract more light and attention, making them seem larger and more awake. liquid eyeliners

While it may be tempting to choose a waterproof brand (especially if it’s an outdoor wedding with uncertain weather). This could, however, do more harm than good. Waterproof eye make up will not stick to the inner eyelid, meaning the effect will diminish over the course of the day. (Just make sure you arm a bridesmaid with an umbrella to protect you from mother nature if necessary!)

Be sure to use an even lighter colour underneath your eye and on the inside third to make your eyes even “larger”.

For the opposite effect, black eye liner will make your eyes appear darker and smaller. You may prefer this “smokey effect”. Indeed, you may find going dark suits you better. Allow yourself plenty of time to experiment and ask for a variety of feedback in the weeks and months beforehand.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • If you would rather people notice your eyes than your lips, wear a paler lipstick shade.
  • If you have dark blue circles under your eyes, this can be covered up using a concealer. Try a yellow-based shade, or mauve if the skin is more pale brown.
  • To make your eyes appear more open, line the inner eye with a creamy white pencil.
  • To give your eyes a seductive cat-like look, line them with black.
  • If you’re wearing black, it’s hard to go wrong with deep violet smokey eye tones.
  • Metallic tones are great to add a little more colour. Just add a little bit of gold, blue or bright lavender to the inner corner of each eyelid.
  • Smokey eyes don’t have to be dark. Bronzed, jewelled or even green colours can have the same (or even better) effect.

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