Choosing the Right Dress for Your Beach Wedding

The beach is an exotic and wonderful setting for a wedding. Holding a wedding on a beach requires you to follow a theme different from the conventional wedding. The bridesmaids, best man and guests are going to be dressed differently to follow the beach theme. Being the bride, you would want to have a gown that suits the venue and matches the atmosphere. But choosing a beach wedding dress requires you to use different rules than those used when taking conventional wedding attire. Below is some information that will help you choose the right wedding gown for a beach wedding.

Note your preferences

Just like every bride, you too may have a dream wedding dress. Determine what you want in your wedding dress for the beach. Note down the features you want in your wedding dress on a piece of paper in descriptive words. Write out the different styles you want for your dress – strapless, with straps, long and flowing or short and chic. Setting a theme such as trendy, slinky, relaxed, otherworldly, romantic and liberating can also let you know what type of wedding dress you should choose.

Look at pictures of other beach wedding dresses in magazines or on the internet to get an idea of it. If you are good at sketching or drawing, it is a good idea to take a sketch of the wedding gown you like. It will help you explain the dress to the dress maker. Brautmodengeschäft Berlin

Getting that flattering fit

You want to look like the most beautiful person in your wedding, so choosing a dress that will compliment your best features is a good idea. Choose a wedding dress that will make you feel beautiful and also comfortable. If your dress is too tight, or too loose, it will not look good and won’t allow you to be comfortable during the ceremony.

Choose cuts that will look flattering on your body. Experiment with sun dresses and long gowns to know which ones you like. Try on different dresses in the store to know what curves and cuts look good on you before you order your dress.

Choosing the right material

Good beach wedding dresses are made of materials that are wrinkled, flowing and light. The beach is a fairly hot place, if you are considering having your wedding during the day. So choose a fabric that is breezy and not too thick. Avoid materials like brocade or velvet that can make you feel hot. Materials that are delicate, crinkly and thin such as chiffon, charmeuse and crepe are perfect for a beach setting.

Other fabrics such as illusion nets, batiste, duchesse and damask are also light and good materials for a beach wedding dress.

Practicality of the gown

One last element to consider is the practicality of the wedding dress to suit a beach wedding. The beach is a different environment for a wedding. It has sand and water, not to mention wind. Choose a dress that will not get caught up in the wind or get spoiled by the sand or water. Dresses with long trains may not be a good idea if you are going to be walking over sand. Opting for a shorter wedding gown will let you walk freely without spoiling the dress. At the same time, a dress that fits you properly will not get caught up in the wind.

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