Kubotan Keychain Holds a Big Surprise For Assailants For Such a Small Stick

The Kubotan keychain is a close quarter self defense stick that was developed by Takayuki Kubota as a tool for police officers to restrain suspects without permanent injury. The name Kubotan is a merge of Kubota and baton and it is essentially a derivation of the yawara stick, which is slightly larger and has several contours. The concept was originally developed by the samurai of Japan for those rare times when they felt that non lethal force was needed. The Kubotan keychain appears to be a simple key fob but can be extremely useful when you need to defend yourself. acrylic keychain

Typically, the body is lined with round grooves for added grip and there is a small hole in one end that has a key ring to hold your keys. The Kubotan keychain is 5 1/2 inches long and approximately 1/2 inch in diameter with either a round tapered or flat tip. It is made of aluminum so that it is strong, light and easy to carry. Methods of use include striking, swinging and joint pressure techniques such as finger and wrist locks. It is considered by police officers, who have had the opportunity to use them, to be extremely effective in breaking the will of unruly suspects. Because of this the Kubotan has been dubbed the Instrument of Attitude Adjustment.

Its popularity began in the mid 1970s when Kubota first brought the Kubotan to the attention of the LAPD and began instructing female police officers in its applications. Besides the benefits of this stick’s many uses, it was also intended to be an effective and easy to carry replacement for their awkward to carry night stick. Later the Kubotan keychain was developed so that it would be available to anyone who needed a small, light, durable, easy to carry and readily available item to assist in self defense. This design also gave it the ability to be used with a swinging motion.

The term pocket stick is sometimes used to classify rod shaped hand weapons like the Kubotan. Although they may be marketed as Kubotans, they really are not and are actually classified under the generic name Self-Defense Keychain Sticks. Because of its simplistic design it is difficult, for legal purposes, to classify as a weapon, it’s just a key ring ornament that has this particular design. Popularity of the Kubotan keychain has doubled in the last five years and it has earned a reputation for its versatility as a self defense tool that is legal to own and carry.

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