Purchasing Trailer Parts – 3 Different Ways to Buy New and Used and Save!

The worst part of owning any type of vehicle can be the cost to repair broken parts.  This is certainly true of trailers.  If you are particularly handy, you can save significant costs by repairing the trailer yourself.  However, even you don’t have the skills or know-how to do the repairs, you can still bag some savings by purchasing the parts yourself. Often times a large part of the cost of repairs is the dealer’s or repair shop’s inflated price on the parts.  If you take the middleman out of the equation, and simply deliver the parts to the repair shop or dealer yourself, then you save quite a bit of money.  Here are some suggestions for finding trailer parts:

Your first option to buy parts on-line.  You can either try to find used parts on e-bay or craigslist, or you can try to buy direct from a wholesaler.  The advantage of buying from a wholesaler is that you typically get a much lower and you can compare several parts at once to determine the best part and the best deal. The disadvantage of buying from a wholesaler is that you won’t have an opportunity to speak with a salesperson, meaning you may end up purchasing the wrong part.   wholesale trailer parts

Your next option is to buy from a local distributor.  A simple check of the manufacturer’s website will show you where you can buy their parts.  Be sure to call the local supplier first to determine if they have the right part, or if they need to order it.  If there are multiple local sellers, try calling a few of them to find the best price. Another advantage to buying from a local supplier is that the salespeople can often help you determine exactly which part will best meet your needs. 

Finally, sometimes you can buy your part directly from the manufacturer.  Check on line to see if they have the part and then either order online or try calling if you don’t see the option available.  In addition to saving money, another advantage to buying the part straight from the manufacturer is that it may come with a manufacturer’s warranty.  This way, if the part breaks within the guaranteed time frame, you can either have the part replaced for free, or at the very most for the cost of shipping and handling. 

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