Sunset Sailing in Maldives – Witness a Natural Wonder

Tipped to be one of the best ways to discover the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the islands that make up the Maldives, sunset sailing cruises are fast becoming popular tour options for seasoned visitors to the archipelago. Regardless of the time of year witnessing the Maldivian sunset from aboard a sea vessel is a must-have experience for all visitors as it isolates one with the elements like no other excursion. As a collection of more than a thousand islands the sunsets in the country are some of the most spectacular in the world as the paradise islands offer unhindered views of this daily miracle at the end of each day.

huwelijksreis malediven, Resort islands in the country offer a plethora of sunset sailing opportunities for experienced sailors and novices alike as the tours can be altered to fit the personal preferences of the participants. Honeymooners vacationing in the island often opt for a sunset sailing excursion that culminates in a dinner date. The boats set off from the resort islands during the early hours of the evening when the sun dips down at the end of the day. The sailing tours typically employ ancient Maldivian sea vessels dubbed Dhonis although visitors who wish to charter a yacht or a modern seafaring vehicle can make arrangements with the resort staff.

The hour long cruise usually sets out to sea around 6pm when the wind picks up its pace and the sky transforms from bright yellow to an orange hue. Relaxing on board the sailing boat visitors can unwind and enjoy a glass of bubbly as the vast ocean vistas around them transforms in to a canvas of many intriguing shades. The calming crash of the waves and the wind whipping past the sails in a rhythmic fashion casts a spell that is only broken by the dramatic colors decorating the sky at sunset.

Dolphins are also frequently spotted on sunset cruises as the friendly creatures also come out to witness the natural wonder. Culminating in a scrumptious dinner, a guest can look forward to an a la carte meal accompanied by live music either on board the boat or at a nearby beach once the moon is on its throne once more.

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