The Need for a Simple Small Business Book Keeping System

As a small business entrepreneur, one of your obligations in running your business is to set up your small business book keeping system. It is to your business’s best interest to establish a simple book keeping system that you can easily manage and understand. As simple as it may be, your system should be able to let you see how sound is your cash flow and how well your business is doing financially.

The Characteristics Your Book Keeping System Must Have Small Business bookkeeping

These are the characteristics of the book system you must strive to establish:

* Easy to use
* Reliable
* Accurate
* Can Deliver Prompt Results
* Consistent
* Safe and Secure

You must also have these basic book journals:

* Sales journal
* Cash receipts
* Check register
* Voucher register
* General journal

The Benefits You Can Enjoy from a Simple Book System

Your simple small business book system allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

* The use of accurate information to make important decisions in running your business
* Reduces the time to complete the book tasks that you can then use for other productive tasks in your business operations
* Reduces the cost of maintaining an accurate and reliable record of your financial transactions
* Important tool in performing an accurate financial analysis of your business
* Generate all the financial information you need to run your business profitably

You will know that you have a simple but effective book system in your business when:

* You are able to fully understand and use its capabilities and features easily
* The system gives accurate information and figures that you can trust and rely upon to use in making important decisions for your business
* The information and figures is presented in format that fits your business well

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