The Razor Ripstik – A Very Popular Caster Board For Kids

You may state that skateboarding has grown to be somewhat of an American pastime. Today about as many children ask Santa Claus for a brand-new skate board as a new bike. Mothers and fathers, however, may not share the same eagerness for skateboarding as their children do. There isn’t any absence of video clips on the internet that demonstrate the graphic outcomes of a skate boarding technique gone horribly wrong, so with those well-being fears in mind, Razor USA launched the Razor Ripstik.

Just What is a Ripstik?

You may point out that Razor’s Ripstik is very similar to a traditional 4-wheeled flat skateboard, but that would not be true. Instead of four wheels, the Ripstik runs on the two wheel method, a lot more closely relating to a bike compared to a skate board.

The Ripstik is broken into two distance segments, the nose and the tail joined by what Razor refers to as a torsion bar. The nose and the tail of a Ripstik, instead of the flatness of a skateboard, are actually concave, capped with traction plates for a greater grip. Meepo board

How Do Ripstiks Operate?

Like riding a bicycle for the first time, using a Ripstik will take time, practice and good form in order to master, but when you finally get the hang of exactly how the board operates many find it simpler and a much more enjoyable experience than the usual skateboarding.

Gaining good momentum is absolutely critical for riding a Ripstik. Traditional skateboards roll one direction or the other depending on which ever position a boarder wants to use while the Ripstik will need to have the nose section frontward to operate correctly.

So How Do You Ride A Razor Ripstik?

After a good beginning and a feel for a decent sense of balance, the next step to riding the Ripstik is steering and that’s all! There’s no need to take one foot from the board to continually kick off like you might to achieve speed on a skate board.

Razor’s Ripstik works on the distinctive form of physics, due to the 2 wheels style, so that you can gain speed and keep the caster board upright and moving. Swerving the board to and fro is what increases acceleration with the Ripstik.

Dismounting a skateboard is often as difficult for novices to perfect as starting. The Ripstik may be stopped by just stepping off the board since like a bike it can’t roll by itself.

But What About Safety on a Caster Board?

Security should really always come first with any sport, and Ripstik’s are no different. Boarders should utilize the right pads in case of accidents. Also, as soon as you get the hang of using the Ripstik, keep in your head that like a skateboard and a bike wheels wear down over time, so be certain to double check and triple check before riding

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