What to Consider When Choosing an Air Ambulance Service Company

There are a lot of factors to consider when you choose an Air Ambulance Service company. Sometimes these important factors can be overlooked or not considered because this may be a stressful time. The key is to find a company that makes this a easy experience for you. Look for a company that can handle all of the details for you. medic for events

Air ambulances come in all different sizes, from helicopters to large jets. You’ll want to determine the type and size of the aircraft the company uses. This will determine if family members can go along on the flight. We know of one Air Ambulance company that allows pets to travel, as well as several family members. Arranging transportation to and from the airport is another consideration. There are companies that will provide transportation as part of their service and others that you’ll need to arrange this on your own.

The aircraft that is used is perhaps one of the most important factors. Factors to consider when looking into aircraft types are the patient’s condition, length of flight, number of passengers that can be taken aboard, the life sustaining equipment on board and the experience of the flight crew and medical crew. We know of one Air Ambulance company that own and operate their own jets. Jets can fly higher, where the flight conditions are less bumpy, making it more comfortable for the patient and they can travel faster and have longer ranges than small prop planes.

You’ll also need to look into their credentials and safety record. Do they own, operate and maintain their own aircraft, or use a third party? Make sure all flight crew and medical crew maintain all licenses required for medical flight. Always inquire to the cost and whether they will work with your insurance company. Some companies will help you every step of the way, while others will just tell you the procedure. Try to find a company that will handle everything for you. Make sure that if your flight requires you to fly internationally that the company provides this service and has the types of aircraft that can handle international flights and have flight crew experienced with international flight.

There are Air Ambulance Service companies that provide full service and act as a concierge for the entire experience, leaving no detail overlooked, by contacting and working with your insurance company, providing transportation, onboard meals and only using jets that they own, maintain and operate themselves. This is important because some companies may just be acting as brokers and renting aircraft. Safety is paramount, so you want an established company that owns and operates their own aircraft that has an impeccable safety record. The more a company does to alleviate the stress and do most of the legwork for you, the better. So, do your due diligence and you’ll find the right company that cares and that you can trust. You can read more on air ambulance news by visiting

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